Sound on Mystic

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Sound on Mystic is an outdoor audio installation combining music, spoken word, sound art and ambience into an immersive experience. It is located along a two-mile stretch of the Mystic River in Medford and Arlington, Massachusetts, and is accessed through ECHOES, a free mobile app that uses GPS data to cue different sounds at various sites. Once you download the app, just put on a pair of headphones, take a walk within the installation’s extensive boundaries, and you'll hear a diverse set of sound works that are all united by the river itself, and its complex legacy as a place of history and nature, community and conflict, labor and recreation.

Access Instructions:

  1. Install the ECHOES app (the link is below, skip to step 3 if you've already found the walk in ECHOES)

  2. Search for "Sound on Mystic" inside the app

  3. Download the walk (this will function better than streaming the walk)

  4. Close out other apps on your phone that access your location and may interfere with ECHOES

  5. Go to the river and open the walk. You will see a map with areas highlighted in blue. As soon as you enter a highlighted area, sound will automatically begin to play. Depending on how fast you walk, some pieces will overlap with each other, or some pieces will play completely leaving a period of silence. Don't worry, that's all just part of the experience -- enjoy!

Sound on Mystic is created by Ian Coss, Dwayne A Johnson, and Gary Roberts, with funding from the Medford Arts Council and Arlington Cultural Council, and support from the Mystic River Watershed Association. Contact us at



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