Chalk Coracle II

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Please download the audio and check your GPRS is activated before you set off. Put your device away in your pocket and use the paper map for navigation. The sound will play automatically in each location

Chalk Coracle II invites you to walk down through the chalk cliffs and down through time. Guided by a gentle audio track and the landscape itself, gain a new perspective on this space where land and sea are one and the same. Collect a map from Folkestone Urban Room or the box outside East Cliff Coastwatch Station and choose your own moment in time (during daylight hours) to make the journey between 6th and 17th September.

Beginning outside East Cliff Coastwatch station, tune into the VHF radio to reveal layers of time as you descend into Folkestone Warren to meet the sea.

The sea is both beginning and ending of everything on earth - where do we fit into this cycle and what layer do we want our story to leave?

Search for an ancestor on the beach and look across the channel - perhaps your journey is shared by a walker on the other side, looking across to you, seeking a connection that transcends human experience.

The walk is approx 1.5 miles and can be completed in around an hour, but you might like to allow more time. The walk involves some slopes, uneven terrain and steps. If you would like more information about the route or need help accessing the audio, please visit the Urban Room, Tram Road Carpark, Folkestone between 11-3pm Wednesday to Sunday. Download the walk before you set off, and the audio should play automatically when you arrive in each location as long as you have GPS enabled on your device. If it doesn't play and you are certain you are in the right place, hit the "play" button. You can also pause and re-start the audio if you wish.

This experience was created by Alison Neighbour, with sound production by Gemma Riggs. It was commissioned by Folkestone Fringe, Creative Folkestone and Kent AONB as part of SALT + EARTH Festival 2023. For more info on the work please visit



The Echoes

Coastwatch (1)

Cliff View (2)

Valley Descent (3)

Edge of Landslip (4)

Beach Wall (5)

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