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This series of four Leiden soundwalks invites you to listen to Leiden through other “ears,” using recording techniques to give us new perspectives on known places or to listen in on spaces that usually go unheard. In this walk you are invited to imagine sounds from the Leiden laken (a fine woolen fabric) industry, to listen within Bibliotheca Thysiana and to the sounds of various Dies Natalis (birthday parties) of Leiden University, to explore the range of the Flentroporgel (reconstructed organ) in the Academy building, and listen with phantasmal poison-arrow frogs living in the Tropical Greenhouse of the Hortus Botanicus as they sing in the evening.

What frequencies can both humans and mice hear in Central Station? How does a bridge sound through contact mics? What does the outside world sound like within a WWII bunker or from a sensitive microphone tuned into the vibrations of the earth? How does turning the pages of a 400 year old book or a weaver working on a 200 year old loom sound? Hopefully these (Un)Heard sounds will give your ears a listen into the sonic possibilities of this cities and what can be discovered through listening everywhere you go!

Sharon Stewart
Sharon Stewart



The Echoes

1_Imagine the sounds of the Lakenindustrie_

Voiceover Coming Soon

2_Keys and pedal sounds of the Leiden Academy Building Flentrop Organ_

With this recording of Bach's Prelude in C major (BWV 553), we reduced the pipe sound of the organ a…

3_The Sounds of ancient books in Bibliotheca Thysiana_

As you walk down the Rapenburg and cross the small bridge of the Groenhazengracht, you will see Bibl…

4_Listening to the Leiden University Dies Natalis in 1933, 1935 and 2022_

As you walk toward the Rapenburg canal and turn right toward the entrance of the Academie gebouw, yo…

5_Imagining the sound of the Buskruitramp disaster_

As you walk along the Steenschuur and the Kamerlingh Onnes Gebouw, across from the Van der Werfpark,…

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