Soundwalk Kolomna

room 5 ECHOES

Санкт-Петербу́рг, Ленинградская область, Russia

The walk was in particular inspired by the work of Raley “On Locative Narratives” and Foursquare’s statistics. The focal point is to concentrate on reactivation of the mechanisms of listening in relation to the specific time and space. As Raley argues, such projects attempt to represent “spatial events” – e.g. events that are attributed with “duration, intensity, volatility, and location”. In my walk, I connected famous touristic spots and unknown local stories put into them among with the “secret” locations, unmemorable on the first glance, whose perception is being the result of the striking architecture of Saint Petersburg’s central area. With the focus on Kolomna district – one of the oldest parts of our city, I traced the top 250 check-ins of St. Petersburg, the majority of which belonged to the shopping malls, airport, touristic cafes and top universities – and only 2 of 250 (Mariinsky theatre and Saint Isaac’s Cathedral – 132nd and 72nd places respectively) were tagged in Kolomna, situated a little bit aside from Nevsky prospect. As we can observe, Foursquare’s statistics mimics a values of capitalistic society and its crave to correspond so-called “high standards”, characterized by expensive popularity, fashion trends and general acknowledgement. As a result, we have everyone’s desire to be a part of this cultural fashion trough check-in “membership”, and no one’s – to create a unique experience through critical rethinking. The aim of this walk is give a chance to explore a historical centre form a different perspective, as lived and social environment, in opposition to the commercialized usage of the geo-tag possibilities, with an intention to create resistance to those forms, to destabilize existing ideological, cultural and political framing. Thus sonic silence presented in two personal narratives, briefly described in spots’ description hopes to be an impetus not to have just a formal experience of presence, but to act as a writer of one’s own cartography. Bon voyage!




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