Wood, Water, Metal, Earth, and Radio Waves – Leiden (Un)Heard

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This series of four Leiden soundwalks invites you to listen to Leiden through other “ears,” using recording techniques to give us new perspectives on known places or to listen in on spaces that usually go unheard. In this walk we make use of hydrophones, contact mics, geophone and a VLF (very low frequency) antennae to listen to vibrational worlds in the water, within matter, underground, and the very low frequencies continually propagated through the air, yet outside our range of hearing, such as radio or perhaps even atmospheric noise.

What frequencies can both humans and mice hear in Central Station? How does a bridge sound through contact mics? What does the outside world sound like within a WWII bunker or from a sensitive microphone tuned into the vibrations of the earth? How does turning the pages of a 400 year old book or a weaver working on a 200 year old loom sound? Hopefully these (Un)Heard sounds will give your ears a listen into the sonic possibilities of this cities and what can be discovered through listening everywhere you go!"

Sharon Stewart
Sharon Stewart



The Echoes

1_Station Leiden with mice ears_

Listen to three distinctive sounds of Leiden Station with all sounds under 1 kHz (1,000 Hz) suppress…

2_Wood: Listening through a loom and sawmill_

Listen to experienced weaver Anneke Fennema at Museum Het Leids Wevershuis as she weaves on an antiq…

3_Water: Sonic splash of the Beestenmarkt city fountain_

Is the fountain on the Beestenmarkt splashing today? Listen to discover how the play of water can pu…

4_Metal: Listening through the Morspoortbrug_

Listen to the movement on this busy bridge as heard through a Geofón – attached with a magnet to a l…

5_Metal: Augmented vibrations of a WWII bunker pipe_

What can you do with alternative miking and audio editing? The recordist is gently moving the side o…

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