RADIO SILENCE (Lincolns New Salem, IL)

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Dear Josie,

Thank you for downloading this app, putting on your walking shoes and surrendering your ears to me for this walk. Make sure your phone allows the app to locate you, even when the app is asleep. Please press "DOWNLOAD" before you begin, so the songs stream fluidly.

This is Radio Silence, an album of personal songs I wrote around 2016, and set out to record this year thanks to the talent and support of my friends Terrance Reeves and Chris Burleson, along with Josh Margolis, the LENNYcollective, Elspeth McSurely and you, Josie Lowder! It has been a healing journey after the loss of my son Lucas in 2017 and brother Rob in 2018 to work on these songs, written well before they died.

These are not finished recordings yet- they are tests waiting to be properly mixed and mastered, but I wanted to test out geo-locating them in this landscape, so... here you are listening!

The songs are meant to be heard while moving through the trails of the LOST POND SANCTUARY in Brookline, MA, and are triggered through your arrival at specific locations, but I've set them up at Lincolns New Salem, IL based on what my satellite map shows me might be trails. You can walk while listening, or sit down and close your eyes, or find a cozy spot. Make sure one song completes before moving into a new "echo" (purple circle).

I hope you enjoy this personal journey. Special thanks to the many musicians in my life that contributed in different ways to the completion of these recordings, and thank you for walking with me.

let me know if you have any issues with the walk at:



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