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Lasnamäe so far has not been the go-to destination for leisurely walks in the city. Tallinn has other areas destined for this – such as the royal park in Kadriorg, Pirita with its seaside, or Kalamaja with its treasured wooden housing. The newer districts, especially those developed in the 1970s and 1980s, are seen as relics without a significant cultural meaning or value.

Yet there’s a lot in Lasnamäe to discover as well. For example, the district has a rich history related to art and artists. The Soviet regime built a number of designated studios for the artists in the new district – and several generations of them have lived and worked here through different times, being impacted by the space in their own way.

I have interviewed many Estonian artists that have had a connection to Lasnamäe or still live there today. Based on the interviews - but aiming to open a wider sphere of cultural meanings for the participants - three separate audio walks were put together in cooperation with writer Jan Kaus. All walks are based in different parts of the district and offer an insight into Lasnamäe from a specific angle.

By bringing the stories to the public and presenting them in their natural environment, we’ll see that no living space can be purely practical; that there is a history and culture where you might not expect to find it. Hopefully, the tours help to create a deeper level of meaning for the audience when it comes to this otherwise neglected part of town.

Anna Kaarma

Anna Kaarma

Lasnamäe helirännakud



The Echoes

1. Beginning: Lindakivi bridge

2. Koorti street towards Mustakivi

3. Võru 16 and 12

4. On our way to Virbi street

5. Virbi street

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