Tracing Box Hill's hidden water story

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How can an appreciation for water be grown within a community that already benefits from a recycled water system?

A guide to uncover and reveal Box Hill's hidden and concealed water story. Layering sound and visual traces of an underlying dynamic system of processes and flows with the immediate and future construction of Box Hill to enhance the relationship between the community and a greater sense of place within the localized recycled water system.

New and sudden developments present a unique set of challenges for residents and visitors that are not always as obvious and become frequently overlooked and buried beneath concreate and manicured gardens. Many become unaware of the underlying characteristics and temporal flows that have been shaping and sustaining the underlying landscape before human alteration and in turn, allowing such freedoms with water usage across the estate. Many fall into the predetermined set of experiences and activities planned and setout by developers leaving little need to stray away from popular gathering places. This walk aims to guide people away from the immediate structures and encourage an act of searching and following for traces of water through sound and subtle hints to begin to trace and uncover a heavily concealed landscape restricted by a growing urban environment.

The following sounds have been collected during and after periods of rain when few of us venture out and take our walks. By blending what is heard and what is seen, you'll begin to visualize a past landscape that can subtly be traced and exposed to form a greater appreciation and connection to the local water system.




The Echoes

1. Beginnings

Beginning the walk, this site introduces the viewer to the landscape with a noticeable drainage path…

2. Urban and Rural Conflict

Interrupted planned development shows a conflict between rural and urban landscapes that is overlook…

3. Colliding Drainage Paths

Intersecting the long run of rural land, this site showcases an interesting interaction of forceful …

4. Isolation within a flourishing urban wetland

Although situated next to an active playground within the center of development, a lack of access an…

5. Distant Systems

Placement of paths and a lack of planting create a feeling of exposure whilst the view of the final …

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