The Enfield Poetry Walk One

room 17 ECHOES

Seventeen poems celebrating Enfield Town and around.

Project directed by Anthony Fisher

Creator of sound walk Giovanna Iorio

Poetry Walk 1 - inspirations

  1. Bright Stars by Christine Vial. BRIGHT STARS. Title is from Keats poem “Bright Star” about his love for that girl next door.(Line 2)Interested in the idea of women/ me as creators( rather than muse) and their recognition (or lack of).

  2. Cedar Tree by Valerie Darville. A mighty tree reduced to a cold stone stela and plaque.

  3. London Road by Anthony Fisher, standing in London Road reflecting on the past and changes that have occurred.

  4. Enfield by Karina Vidler. The poet recalls how important Enfield has been to her family.

  5. Doubting Thomas by Alan Murray. Written in the voice of my alter-ego, the arch-pessimist, Harry, the poem reflects on that other great pessimist, Thomas Hardy, who married his second wife, Florence Dugdale, in St Andrew’s Church in Enfield.

  6. Precinct by Christine Vial. Observational poem built up from visits to Enfield Town precinct. Focus on those who are lost/outsiders among the merry crowds and consumerism. Final line is from the strap line to the first Alien film “In Space no one can hear you scream”.

  7. Planting Trees by Mary Duggan. The poem was inspired by the wonderful presence of the great old tree which sprawls across Enfield's Central library green.

  8. The Silver Fish by Valerie Darville. The poem is a literal description of a walk I took along the New River from Enfield Town to the Town Park on a very hot summers day.

  9. Denmark May 5th 1945 by Anthony Fisher. An end of the war story of two families.

  10. Conical Corner by Ruth Hanchett. What inspired me to write Conical Corner is the great sense of history meeting today, the contrast of past and present.

  11. Is this to be the Year by M.Anne Alexander. Reflections on New Year’s Day 2020.

  12. The New River Loop by Jo Cooper. This was inspired by the tranquillity and beauty of this lovely spot.

  13. On Gentleman’s Row by Cheryl Moskowitz. Reflections on the time of Charles Lamb in Enfield.

  14. Ginko Baloba by Jayne Buckland. A homage to tree that has a very old and honourable lineage.

  15. The Churchyard by M.Anne Alexander. Memories of a walk by an old Churchyard.

  16. Poet’s Corner by Anthony Fisher. Reflections of a poet at an open-air poetry reading.

  17. Chartrefest by M.Anne Alexander. Consideration of the past whilst standing in a Market Place given a charter by James I.



The Echoes

Christine Vial: Bright Stars

Karina Vidler: Enfield

Alan Murray: Doubting Thomas

Christine Vial: Precinct Enfield Town

Mary Duggan: Planting trees

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