Violence and Words-A Poetry Tour Through the Troubles

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This poetry walk takes you around major areas of Belfast that were impacted by the Troubles. Each echo clip is a short reading from a poem that is about an experience during the Troubles that relate to that particular area. Each echo also includes a short discussion of the poem and the way that it changes our understanding of how the Troubles changed communities. This poetry walk is intergenerational and also examines how Belfast is a relatively peaceful city today.

Instruction: The poetry walk has an introduction echo outside the Seamus Heaney Centre as well as an echo at the bottom of the Grosvenor Road that is designed to guide your experience on the walk.

All poems, newspaper articles and websites that are being discussed in this poetry walk are mentioned below: Poems: Sabine Wichert, ‘Belfast, 13th July,’ Belfast 13th july | Troubles Archive Ciaran Carson, ‘Belfast Confetti,’ part of the collection ‘The Irish for No,’ 1988 Derek Mahon, ‘Afterlives,’ part of the collection ‘Collected Poems,’ 2008 Sinead Morrisey, ‘In Belfast,’ part of the collection ‘Between Here and There,’ 2002 John Hewitt, ‘The Troubles, 1922,’, part of the collection, ‘Out of My Time Poems 1967-74,’ 1974 Moyra Donaldson, ‘Ulster Says No,’ Ulster says no | Troubles Archive

Newspaper Articles: Robin Sheeran, BBC News NI, The Troubles: When Belfast children fled the city - BBC News Don Anderson, Belfast Telegraph, Don Anderson: Wherever Northern Ireland's future is eventually decided, the one place it won't be is in Belfast | Rebecca Black, Belfast Telegraph, End of road for rusting Troubles gates tarnishing the Golden Mile |

Websites The John Hewitt Society, About John Hewitt – The John Hewitt Society URL:



The Echoes

Introduction Clip

This Echo Clip introduces the poetry walk

Poem- 'Belfast, 13th July' by Sabine Wichert

This Echo is the first in the series of poems discussing the impact of violence to Belfast during th…

Check In Point

This Echo will guide and introduce you to the two directions that you can go on this poetry walk. Yo…

Poem- 'Ulster Says No' by Moyra Donaldson

Poem that explores the climate in Belfast over the Anglo-Irish Agreement in 1985

Poem- 'In Belfast' by Sinead Morrisey

This poem describes the simple pleasures of peace in an urban space.

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