South of Shoreham Port

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This is very much a work in progress. Feel free to try the walk and I'd love to hear your feedback, but I'm trying out ideas and finessing all the time.

Beyond the lorries thundering past, the cries of seagulls and roar of waves there are other sounds on this wind worn stretch of industrial coast just a few miles West of Brighton. This walk presents a small fraction of a larger collection of real and imagined (what I like to call phantom) sounds recorded in the area around Shoreham Port. This is the first tentative sharing of a larger developing project inviting people to explore this space in a different way, listening to hidden sounds, tuning in to sounds our brains filter out and blurring the boundaries of what is real and what is imagined.

The walk begins at The Port Kitchen cafe, crossing the locks and then walking towards the harbour arm, passing the turbines on the way. Then back along Basin Road South, past the Power Station heading East towards Hove. Alternatively you can start from the East, accessing Basin Road South from Hove Lagoon.

Your safety is your own responsibility. This is a working port with lots of movement of vehicles. There are also parts of the route that take you near the sea. It can be wild and unpredictable. Please be mindful of your environment when exploring and don't enter any areas that are signposted as private or dangerous.




The Echoes

Creaky Drainage Pipe

I walked past this sound many times whilst recording down here. I recorded it before a repair job va…

Power Station Venting

Billowing white fluffy clouds venting from the power station chimney

Hot Pipe Dawn Chrous

4am 2nd April 2021. Recorded as part of the international Dawn Chorus day with Soundtent/Reveil.

Steel Depot electromagnetics

The hidden sounds of industry picked up using an electromagnetic microphone which uncovers frequenci…

Steel Depot

I've stood in this spot for hours listening to the wind activate the industrial structures and scree…

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