The Existing Rows of Great Yarmouth

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In 1260, Henry the Third gave permission to the town to enclose itself with a wall. The walls not only kept the invader out, but determined the size and shape of the town for many centuries as no one was permitted to live outside of the walls. By building in parallel lines, more space could be better utilized, and so around 150 Yarmouth rows were built.

Not all the rows built in this time period have survived to this day. Factors such as bomb damage during World War One and World War Two, fires, and new buildings such as factories and new roads have meant that large portions do not exist.

This trail map marks each row that still exists. It is advisable to start at Row 2, and work south, however if you do not have enough time to complete a full circuit, we recommend starting at Row 44 as many of the Rows from this one onwards are close together and easy to find.

Created by the Great Yarmouth Preservation Trust Rows Project. Funded through Making Waves Together – National Lottery Heritage Fund, Arts Council, Great Yarmouth Borough Council and East Suffolk Council.

Trail map created by Catherine Allen, using predominantly sources from Colin Tookes book, The Rows of Great Yarmouth, and Yarmouth is an Antient Town by A. A. C. Hedges.



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