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Before you start: 1. Make sure your phone has a good charge 2. Connect your headphones 3. When prompted, download the walk in advance, if you have access to wi-fi (the walk will also work in streaming mode) 4. The sound trail starts immediately outside Limnerslease – follow the path down to the road below and then onto The Chapel 5. Please be aware of traffic at all times, especially on the slip road leading to Down Lane

Where we meet... is a geo-located soundtrail to accompany the listener between the Edges exhibition at Limnerslease to Mary Watts’ Chapel, blending sounds from the Watts estate, a remote residency in Connemara, Ireland and a ceramic firing in Estonia, connecting the nations represented in the Edges project. The work features the voice of curator Hilary Underwood, sonic manipulations, and a collaborative sound piece The Lighthouse by Irish sound artist and Edges co-curator Richard Carr, accompanied by Sascha Terfous & Basciville. The trail culminates inside The Chapel with a new version of a sound installation listening to the wind (41’36”) which was originally exhibited at Wexford Arts Centre, and here is re-imagined for the digital space.

The work was developed as part of a joint residency with Kay Aplin at Watts Gallery.

Created and produced by Dr Joseph Young

The soundwalk is recorded in binaural stereo



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