The Conscience Fairy & The Boggart

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Welcome to the Geolocational walk from Ykids and Bootle Children's Literacy Festival 2023 in partnership with Write Explorers. Today, we need your help to find the Conscience fairy who has been kidnapped by a Boggart. Are you ready to embark on this magical adventure?

As we begin our walk, keep your eyes peeled for fairy doors hidden throughout the area. These doors are the gateways to the fairy world and may hold clues to the whereabouts of the Conscience fairy. Search carefully for these doors for they are hidden well, so look high and low. The doors will be found somewhere within each circled location on your walk.

As we walk, we will also be listening to poetry about mythical creatures such as hobs, dragons, and mermaids. These creatures may also have information about the Boggart and the Conscience fairy.

But be careful, the Boggart is a mischievous creature who loves to play tricks. Keep your wits about you and don't let the Boggart lead you astray.

As we continue our walk, we will introduce you to many other mythical creatures such as sirens, gnomes, and pixies. These creatures may also have information about the Boggart and the Conscience fairy.

Remember, the Conscience fairy is counting on us to rescue her. Let's work together to find her and bring her back to safety.

Are you ready to begin our Geolocational walk and help save the Conscience fairy? Let's go!

The Spoken World
The Spoken World
Spoken Word Poetry in the Community.



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