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ARTIST: Gabi Schaffner

Playing on the sonic similarity of fast flowing/falling waters and the sound of trains rushing by, RAPID(S)TRAIN combines selected recordings of German and other international train stations with recordings of rivers, waterfalls and oceanscapes. Central to the compositions are concepts of flowing, passing by, announcements, the din of voices, steps and trolley bags, the interplay of distance and locality. Both water and rail are part of the global system of transporting goods; they are as much linked to economy as they are to personal and sensual experience. Train stations form a re-sounding universe with past and presence rushing into an off-site future.

Each piece creates a fictional journey with Open Gorey as its departure point. The combination of real-time field recording and samples, layering, acceleration and deceleration corresponds to the juxtaposition of microsound and melody, noise, language and signal. All four works have been specifically composed for Open Gorey

Info and Credits:

Underpass Falls (Melbourne, London Kensington, Bremen, Skogarfoss Falls) Concert Recording, Berlin: Ansgar Wilken (Cello), Ruth-Maria Adam (Violin)

Gutang Passing Time (Taipei Metro Station Gutang, Shortwave recording, Hualien Beach, Gudurfoss Falls)

Condofuri Brass (Vinyl record “Eisenbahnclub Köln” 1964, Condofuri Station, Condofuri Beach, Acireale: “Banda Historica” Brass Orchestra, Skogarfoss Falls)

Waving to Elevators (Berlin, Hamburg, Cacilhas/Lisbon, Oldenburg, Vienna, Frankfurt/Main, Azhimuhkam Beach

While visiting the SLEEPERTOWN project please observe the government of Ireland’s public health advice in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. For up latest updates on the Covid-19, please visit: https://www2.hse.ie/coronavirus/ The artworks will be in situ until March 2021, so if an area looks crowded, please come back and visit at a quieter time.


Open GoreyOpen Gorey



The Echoes

Condofuri Brass

Artist: Gabi Schaffner

Underpass Falls

Artist: Gabi Schaffner

Waving to Elevators

Artist: Gabi Schaffner

Gutang Passing Time

Gabi Schaffner

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