Poole Park: Pathways to the Past

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The People's Park. By the Park's People.

This sound walk was created as a contribution to Poole Park Celebration Day, held on 29th July, 2021. The audio materials were sourced from online video clips, in which people documented their own experiences while visiting the Park. These were combined with excerpts from interviews with local people, to provide some additional perspectives about the Park and how it has changed over time. Together, this mosaic of sounds provides a unique insight into how people value the Park, and how they use it to have fun in so many different ways.

Credits: Sound collage by Adrian Newton. Visuals created by Lynn Davy, Arthur Newton and Adrian Newton. The accompanying texts are derived from "Poole park - the people's park", by Geoffrey Budworth, Sutton Publishing Ltd., 2008. Many thanks to everyone who agreed to be interviewed, including Prof. Genoveva Esteban; Rob, Emilie and Veronique Palmer; Daniel Somogyi; Aisha Begum; Doreen Hassett; Fraser Huskinson; Haydn Wheeler; Sheila Wiggins; Hayley Johnson; Judith Hewitt; Nigel Bridie; Pauline Cowling; Sarah Coles; Valerie Davies and Michele O'Brien. Thanks also to the Bournemouth University students who conducted some of the interviews: Hamzah Ali, Gerald Aliaj, Faye Bowsher, Vivian Davies, and interview coordinator Dr Kate Terkanian.

Adrian Newton

Adrian Newton



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There are Walks in Poole Park And I’ve heard Young Folk remark They like these quiet secluded spots …

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