Walking Festival of Sound Art, 2023

room 11 ECHOES


George Mason University Sound Art Students | Final Projects | AVT374.001

The sound art students of AVT 374 have created a GPS-assisted virtual sound art festival. To participate you need only install the app, insert your earbuds, and find our sounds!

Original audio works by: 01) Celeste Cortes 02) Amani Jefferson 03) Kevin Jones 04) Lexie Keys 05) Bianca Misterio 06) Will Owens 07) Kelsey Pappas 08) Noah Schieber 09) Sara Syarto 10) Diana Vargas Antezana 11) Marcos Velasco 12) Becca Williams

supervised by Professor Thomas Stanley (a/k/a Bushmeat Sound)

"The soundscape makes accessible, audible and thinkable, alternative states of affairs that allow us to rethink and relive the materiality and semantics of the real world through the possibility of sonic life-worlds that include affection, sentiment, fear, and angst and all those things that fall out of objectivity." -- Salomé Voegelin

Thomas Stanley and Mark Cooley
Thomas Stanley and Mark Cooley
Stanley and Cooley have worked together at George Mason for almost 20 years. Their experimental music collaborations have been featured in performance and on record.



The Echoes

Final Project (Sara Syarto, 5:12)

Even after a couple years of returning to college in person, it never ceases to amaze me what being …

"Final Project" (Marcos Velasco, 3:49)

Expect the unexpected and go with the flow. One will need to get accustomed to change in order to ch…

"Final Project" (Kelsey Pappas, 3:45)

For my final I wanted to explore how to create suspense using no tracks with musicality. So I chose …

"Vivian" (Kevin Jones, 3:45)

This is an attempt to flesh out the exuberance and ramblings of youth. She doesn't know exactly what…

"Final Project" (Celeste Cortes, 13:05)

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