RADIO SILENCE geo-located audiowalk

room 7 ECHOES

Brookline, Massachusetts, United States

Welcome to the RADIO SILENCE audiowalk. If you are currently at LOST POND SANCTUARY, see on-site instructions below. If you are accessing this site remotely, via the BOOK OF WALKS, click the STREAM WALK button, and then click the menu on the top right corner.You'll see a list of songs. Toggle the "auto-play" to off, so you can hear the songs simply by clicking through the tracks.

On-site instructions: Thank you for downloading this app, putting on your walking shoes, and surrendering your ears to me for this walk. We'll be walking roughly 3 kilometers, beginning and ending at the yellow gate of the ACCESS ROAD to Skyline Park in Brookline, MA.

Put your earbuds in, turn your volume up, and make sure your phone is charged. If you can set your phone to DO NOT DISTURB, and set the SLEEP to NEVER, please do so. As you walk, songs will automatically play as you enter the purple circles on the map. No need to do anything further, except walk and listen.

For more information on the project:

Special thanks to the community of artists and musicians in the Boston area, who have made this walk possible. More thanks to the many people who have contributed in different ways to the completion of these recordings, specifically Terrance Reeves and Chris Burleson, without whom these recordings would not exist.

This walk is for Lucas. This walk is for Rob. This walk is for all of us who walk the wild edge of sorrow.


Deb Todd Wheeler
Deb Todd Wheeler



The Echoes

1. GONE (along the road)

We begin here, walking along the access road. If you are on site, please stay on the left side of th…

2. PLEA (towards the clearing)

This song begins as you walk through the woods, along the path towards the clearing. If you are on s…

3. Bear Hunt (to Lucas's shrine)

As you leave the clearing, and re-enter the woods, the song begins. By the second chorus, you should…

4. SURGE (along the bog)

Leaving Lucas' shrine, turning left, head into the bog, the sound of a sonar ping announces your ent…

6. Radio Silence (behind the transfer station)

This song brings us back to the access road, behind the transfer station.

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