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Saint Peter Port

7 Nocturnes East, is a series of ambient and found sound pieces. All inspired by and using location recordings of Guernsey places at night. Supported by the Guernsey Arts Commission, 7 Nocturnes East had an accompanying visual and video art exhibition featuring the work of seven artists.

Start on the Crown pier (opposite the Ship and Crown pub) and once you've soaked up the ambience of the marina sounds blending into the music head north to find the other locations. Depending on the exact route you use the walk is around four miles long from St. Peter Port to Bordeaux. I leave it to you how you manage getting to and from the start and end points!

More details on Flexagon's other projects here: https://linktr.ee/flexagon

The 7 Nocturnes East album is available here: https://flexagon.bandcamp.com

More on the exhibition and artists here: https://arts.gg/exhibitions/flexagon-7-nocturnes-east/

I love walking around Guernsey late at night listening to music, mostly there is no-one around. You have the island to yourself. I also love the ambient sound of the environment blending with whatever I am listening to. Just as the daytime view out on the south coast cliffs or out over the Russel to Sark and Herm is never the same twice. Every night feels different too. The sky, stars and moon provide different amounts of light, from pitch black to moonlight bright enough to cast shadows.

The concept as it developed around St Peter Port 1am was this. Choose at night to record. Then hit the red recording button without too much thought. Work with the audio captured no matter what. With minimal curation and editing of the sound in post production. A true reflection of that moment in time.

"Flexagon’s soothing brand of organic electronica proves utterly beguiling and rather touching" - Bob Fischer, Electronic Sound electronicsound.co.uk

Flexagon is a Guernsey-based sound mangler and musical instrument collector. He is also a DJ, music producer, sound engineer and composer.



The Echoes

St Peter Port 1am

Location Sat on a marina pontoon at 1am in the morning, clutching a portable recorder. This is an e…

Belle Greve 2am

Location What looked to be the perfect evening to record the gentle sound of the sea lapping at the…

Spur Point 3am

Location An area very much under threat. I contacted Professor Karim Vahed ahead of his Guernsey vi…

Mont Crevelt 4am

Location I was recently out of hospital and under doctor’s orders to take it easy, so was chaperone…

La Crocq Pier 5am

Location In front of the red leading light for St Sampson’s harbour and marina. After the diggers o…

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