A Moving Grove (in Royal Victoria Park)

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In Bath’s Royal Victoria Park, characters have escaped from two Shakespeare plays. Is this a dream of midsummer with witches, or a Scottish nightmare with a donkey-headed fool? An introduction and 8 short scenes take you on a mile-long walk, looping from the top of Cow Lane around the park, to finish near the Pavilion Cafe. Stopping to listen to each scene, it will take around an hour if you do it all in one go. NB Download the walk over Wifi, before coming to the park. START at the top of Cow Lane (at 51.3869497, -2.3720913) and cross over onto the path across the grassy open space to begin with the Introduction (1).

Afterwards, please send us your feedback: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/KGJKZM7 (your response is anonymous)

A Fire and Air production directed by Gillian Roberts for Sparkfest Digital 2021.

Gillian Roberts

Gillian Roberts

Fire and Air Theatre



The Echoes

1 Introduction to A Moving Grove: Please listen to this first

Listen to hear information about the walk. After listening, head diagonally north-west to the line …

2 Witches' Summit

What are these, so withered and so wild .... ? After this scene, follow the path that runs west (mo…

3 Upon the Heath

Macbeth and Banquo meet three Witches. After this, turn to face the direction of the city centre. Ke…

4 Doing the Deed

The Macbeths get the daggers out. After this, turn and walk south across the grass to join the road.…

5a Directions to next scene

Continue past the Victoria Monument obelisk, in the direction of the city centre. Take care as you c…

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