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Cultural Reforesting is a series of artist-led, multi-disciplinary projects set in the context of the ecological crises of our time. Scientists have given this decade as the crucial 10 years in which to find solutions, indeed Richmond Council declared Climate Emergency in 2019, so what can we all do?  

Each artist project responds to the question – how can we renew our relationship with nature? 

We at Orleans House Gallery are supporting artists wishing to explore local solutions to this crisis, and feel that the Gallery, with its vibrant grounds and creative setting can be a place where all can come to collaborate, find a community and make a difference, no matter how personal or small.  

We hope that artists, working with scientists, further researchers, volunteers and other participants will turn this place into a vibrant community of people taking action.  

Orleans House Gallery can become a place for hope and ideas in our ecological crisis. 

Cultural Reforesting is about: 

Environmental justice   Biodiversity, ecology and botany   Climate Emergency   Indigenous knowledge and perspectives   Local solutions   Imagination and creativity   Well-being   Ecocentrism   Education



The Echoes


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