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The Loathsome Worm is a mobile studio and workshop, catering for a great variety of recording projects.

In this proof of concept piece, we used the tale of The Lambton Worm to explore recording techniques, sound design and creative storytelling, and built a geolocated audio experience based around Cox Green and Penshaw Hill.

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All narration and sound effects were created and recorded by the participants of our workshop at the Washington Arts Centre on February 25th, 2023.

The music was made using their suggestions, which included what instruments they felt reflected the time, as well as the mood of each chapter, and what instruments they felt created certain atmospheres; such as tension or joy.

If you would like contact us to discuss creating your own geolocated soundwalk, audiobook, or simply bringing a story to life, please e-mail us at;

We can be as flexible as your imagination.

We'd like to extend a special thank you to Matthew Blyth, Daniel Appleby, and the Washington Arts Centre; our facilitators Jayne Dent, Mica Hind, and Ste Bardgett; and our participants Rhianna Ball, Amelie Costigan, Charlie Dipper, Lauren Muir, and Ashton Muncaster.

Concept and Design; Steven Chell and David Littlefair. Artwork; Spaghetti Quester (



The Echoes

Chapter One.

This is where our story begins. One Sunday morning, a young John Lambton skips church to go fishing …

Chapter Two.

Time passed. John forgot about the worm, and went to fight in the Crusades. Over the years it contiu…

Chapter Three.

Upon his return, John Lambton saw the destruction wrought upon the villlagers for the first time, an…

Chapter Four.

With his specially crafted armour, he met the beast at it's river home. Impaling itself on the spike…

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