Echoes of Belonging

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collective OIIOIOOI is a group of people who's life is often on a way - from point X to point Z and back. We are wonderers, foreigners, aliens. With this walk we would like to introduce and share some our collective memories from past year. All the sounds contribuded by residency participants throughout previous 5 years. Thank you so much Petr Laden, Nicolas Prokop, Agata Dyczko, ANTEZ, Pak Yan Lau, Dan Su, Bénédicte, Wei Kang Beh, Bea Xu, Leila Simonian, Cecilia Xuetong Feng, Katarina Kadijevic, Aliaksandra Yakubouskaya, Alois Yang

Tick Tick Each memory An echo Each echoes a fragment A tiny space of eating yourself A vast space of walking through time Touch them The cells of hearts The light in the cracks Walk or fly Like a little worm or a giant bird Making its way through the soil Gently But still hurting Connecting pathways With your toothsteps Building nets Breaking shells Of feeling Of seeing Of listening Of being ——A home You will be remembered

The exhibition invites you to step into a tapestry of communal belonging, multisensory map of imaginative geographical dis_locations, guided by echoes, voices, and stories. Each sound serves as a gate to personal and collective recollections and resonations of the past-present-future events. This exhibition is a space of inclusivity, respecting the heterogeneous nature of our experiences and it's a celebration of the multifaceted human condition, where every thread is integral to shape the encompassing whole. By asking questions collectively, “we” orient ourselves through mirroring each others– through recognise and discover the difference while sensing and experiencing the connections, in a coordinating space where “we” may resign ourselves from the pre-installed systems driven by instrumentality and functionality, to allow novel emergencies and mutations to co-exist in open-spaces created by the in-betweenness among the other selves. 'Echoes of Belonging' isn't just about what we bring to you; it's also about what you bring to us. You're invited to share your own sounds, stories, and memories, contributing to the collective noise of belonging of the narrative we're building together.

Aliaksandra Yakubouskaya
Aliaksandra Yakubouskaya
Aliaksandra Yakubouskaya is a sound artist originally from Belarus, based in Czech Republic, Prague. She works with installation-based performances and co-created spaces that often include interaction with participants. She composes various kinds of matter and the process of ‘mattering’ for exploring the process of interconnectivity and in-betweenness. She gives a value to research that includes interviews, interactions with people, travels in different areas, body practices and experiments like non-verbal communication, collective sleeping sessions, where re-search becomes also re-finding, re-forgetting, re-perceiving, re-inter-acting, re-mattering.



The Echoes

Echoes of Belonging invites you to listen to its memories

collective OIIOIOOI is a group of people who's life is often on a way. This walk would like to intro…

Wei, Su and unknown woman talking about the question of belonging in Berlin

sounds for the way back home



Bees soundscapes

from sound hunting of Agata Dyczko

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