Inside Maastricht: The Friday Market

room 5 ECHOES

Markt, Markt, Maastricht, Limburg 6211 CL, Netherlands

Friday is market day in Maastricht!

Meet Julia, a German student at Maastricht University and walk with her across the wonderful Friday Market in Maastricht. If you are new in town or just checking in for a short weekend trip – you will certainly not want to miss the Friday Market. Let it be an experience with this audio narrative!

Julia will be your guide and companion today. She will provide you with a colorful set of interesting information about the market and its stalls, directing you to her favorite ones. She knows the market, its history and some of the vendors quite well by now. So, you are in good hands.

As the name indicates, the market takes place on Fridays. To enjoy the entire experience of this audio narrative, make sure to listen to it in the respective time and place.

The Echo zones are numbered but Julia will also guide you with some directions. Although the zones are large enough, please stay within the lines on the map until the audio files has ended playing.

Start your audio at the intersection between Maasboulevard and Hoenderstraat. There you will find the first audio zone.

Enjoy your walk!





The Echoes

1. Welcome

Meet your guide Julia at the intersection between Maasboulevard and Hoenderstraat. Walk with her dow…

2. The Cheese Stall

Mmmmh... cheese! Here, Julia provides you with some facts and gives you a peak behind the scenes.

3. The Town Hall

Find a good spot within the echo zone to have a free view at the town hall. Here, present and histor…

4. The Textile Section

It's big and colorful – the textile section! Sometimes, however, we have to consider some things as …

5. Fruits and Vegetables

The last stop already? Yes, unfortunately. But this stall has quite a lot in it for the finale of ou…

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