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For the exhibition Numinous Beginnings at Lydgalleriet, Ase Brunborg Lie has made a new iteration in Bergen of the geolocative site-sensitive sound-walk Entangled Formations (2019) initially created for the Prague Quadrennial. The new sound-walk at Nordnes focuses on bird species that could call both places home.

Entangled Formations (2019) is a site-relational geo-locative sound-walk that weaves together stories and sounds of avian inhabitants of Prague: local, migratory, and visiting birds. The listener’s routes intermingle with the ones sonified through the geolocative app Echoes, creating a non-linear narrative of past, present, and future.

The walk includes among other things extensive field recordings of birds in Prague and interviews with ornithologist Petr Vorisek from the Czech Ornithological Society made during spring and summer 2019.

The work encourages us to listen closely and relate more intimately to our immediate surroundings and whom we share our spaces and cross paths with.

We are all part of an entangled network of different species and entities—a delicate, intricate, vast weave including all living and non-living things. Sound as an omnipresent and physical, yet highly ephemeral phenomenon is potent for representing this complex mesh that surrounds us, but that we do not always see or take into account. GPS and the internet are ubiquitous phenomena as well, a completely integrated part of our ecology in this post-technological era. Its patterns can look like the threads of neuro-patterns, but also like bird migration routes.

At a time when travel is difficult, Entangled Formation - Bergen Edition, offers an auditive journey between two places entangled through the lives of birds.

The exhibition Numinous Beginnings runs from the 28th of November 2020 until the 17th of January 2021.

Ase Brunborg Lie
Ase Brunborg Lie



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