Clexa's Guided Meditation: A New Lens

room 11 ECHOES

Lincoln, Nebraska, United States

Join open-source AI robot Clexa, on a guided meditation through Downtown Lincoln, Nebraska. This is an immersive audio experience, meaning that the listener should be wearing headphones and is prepared to walk a fair distance and commit at minimum, 20 minutes to the experience. Clexa was designed specifically to be a provider of information, especially regarding the planet we inhabit, but also a trustworthy sidekick for these big encounters throughout. The story is told primarily through narration, but also additionally through music and sound. Those who do not interpret music to be an emotional experience should refrain from tuning in, as it is essential in the understanding and takeaways. If you do not believe in climate change, this walk also isn't for you.

Where to begin: This walk beings on the corner of O st. and South 10th st. From there, Clexa will be your guide throughout the entire experience, up until the last destination, located by the Amtrak in the Haymarket. Prepare a route to get yourself back to safe quarters ahead of time. This is meant to be experienced in daylight hours, but optimal experience is to be achieved at sunset, on a Saturday or Sunday, when the parking garages are emptier.

Please enjoy the experience, and be sure to keep an open mindset as you travel across a new domain. Clexa is looking forward to meeting you.


Syann EngelhardSyann Engelhard



The Echoes

Where it Begins

The starting point of Clexa's Guided Meditation. You should be on the corner of the block where the …

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