Centre Vale Park Bird Song Walk

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Welcome to Centre Vale Park bird song sound walk!

For the best experience be sure to download the walk onto your phone at the start, rather than stream it as you go along. Have your battery fully or well charged too, as the walk uses GPS (Global Positioning System) and this will use up power.

Listen to birds at various points around the park by walking into a blue CIRCLE. Each holds the song or call of a different species, and this sound will play (on a loop) whilst you are stood still within a circle. Clicking on a circle turns it yellow. A banner will come up and you can click this to see if there is a photograph of the bird. These images - all taken in the park - are being captured by local photographer Chris Foster, and added to the walk over time.

To hear information on some of the distinguishing features of the different birds’ songs and calls, and how to remember them, walk into the blue SQUARE associated with each circle. The narrative will loop whilst you are stood still in the square.

There is no defined route - just head for whichever circles and squares you want to. There are quite a lot of them, and the park is big, so you probably won't want to do everything in one go. Exploring different areas on different visits will work better!

All the recordings come from the park, so depending on what time of year you do the walk you have a good chance of hearing these birds for real. The busiest and nosiest time of the year for birdsong is the Spring. Things quieten off considerably in late summer, but all year round there is nearly always the opportunity to hear some birdsong.

Learning birdsong takes time – but going outside and immersing yourself in it is the best way, and little by little, species by species, you will begin to recognise who is there, even if you can’t see them!

According to a 2018 biodiversity survey 50 different bird species use the park one way or another. Some live here all year round, some live here only for part of the year (as summer or winter migrants), and others live outside the park but come into it to feed. New recordings and pictures are be added to this walk over time but currently you can listen to the sounds of 18 birds (wren, robin, dunnock, chaffinch, blackbird, song thrush, great tit, blue tit, coal tit, long-tailed tit, chiff-chaff, nuthatch, greater spotted woodpecker, green woodpecker, carrion crow, jackdaws, rooks and wood pigeon).

Recordings are by Jo Kennedy. Photographs of birds are by Chris Foster (https://www.chrisfosterphotography.com/) who got chatting to Jo one February morning in the park. Narration is by Jo Kennedy and Cathy Shaw. All copyright for sounds and images belongs to Jo Kennedy, Cathy Shaw and Chris Foster.

The walk was produced by Nature Tripping Podcast. To listen to more stuff about nature in the Calder Valley and beyond check us out here https://www.jokennedysound.com/naturetripping, or on Apple podcasts and other podcast providers. Please leave us a review if you like what you hear!

Jo Kennedy
Jo Kennedy
Based in Todmorden, West Yorks. Working creatively with sound.



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