Never The Same

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In order to get the best experience and to enjoy all of the available sounds, move slowly around the space to allow your GPS to keep up with your movements. When one of the sounds is activated, pause at the spot to hear the full recording. The sound is loudest in the centre of each circle and some of the recordings intentionally overlap, therefore at some points you may hear more than one recording at a time. Moving slowly towards the centre of each circle and away from the previous circle will ensure that you only hear one sound piece at a time.

Beginning at the former site of McGurk's Bar, Never The Same allows the relatives of those killed in the McGurk's Bar Bombing of 1971 to share memories of their loved ones and explore the personal aspects of grief and loss. As you move around the locality, different audio recordings will become available. Fifteen people were killed in the bomb, including two children and many more were injured. At the 50th anniversary of the event, the families are still engaged in a 'Campaign for Truth' to uncover the facts about the bombing. Additional sound recordings will continue to be added over the course of 2021. CONTENT WARNING - SOME OF THESE SOUND RECORDINGS CONTAIN CONVERSATIONS THAT DISCUSS THE RESULTING IMPACT OF A PERSON OR PERSONS BEING KILLED BY A BOMB. THE DISCUSSIONS ARE NOT GRAPHIC IN NATURE BUT MAY BE UPSETTING TO SOME LISTENERS. Listeners should be aware that these recordings have been made via online software in order to comply with Covid regulations and as such may contain some slight glitches. This is not an issue with the Echoes Explorer App

Sinead O'Neill-Nicholl
Sinead O'Neill-Nicholl
Sinéad O'Neill-Nicholl is a multi-disciplinary artist using a range of new media to create audio installations and who engages in live art performance to explore contemporary themes of gender, identity, truth and justice. Examining the power structures at play within language and the methods used to silence the voice of the 'other', Sinéad's recent practice involves the creation of spatial audio environments using the agency of sound as a method of resistance. Working at the intersection of contemporary fine art and technology, Sinead is a current member and Trustee of Vault Artist Studios who received the 2020 University of Atypical Graduate Award and 2019 Arts Council NI SIAP award.



The Echoes

insistence through absence/stranger in the room

Kathleen Irvine was a 53 year old mother. Kitty, as she was known, lost her life in the McGurk's Ba…

her new clothes on, her hair done and her lipstick

The 4th December 1971 was a day like any other but the events of that night are engrained in the mem…

the lie

The false allegations that were published about the bombing just hours after the atrocity took place…

denial, delay and death/the monolith

**Listeners should be aware that these recordings have been made via online software in order to com…

the first time I saw a man cry

**Listeners should be aware that these recordings have been made via online software in order to com…

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