Manchester and Salford Cinema History Walking Tour

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An interactive sound map of Manchester & Salford cinematic history.

Hear evocative recollections of the many flea pits and picture houses in these two cities. Now hidden in plain sight, this walk consists entirely of cinemas long since closed to the public ensuring memories of screenings past are kept alive for future generations.

This tour is suitable for listening whilst walking the route or can be enjoyed in its entirety from the comfort of your own home.

Time to complete walk in person - 60-90 mins approx

Accessibility - Although Manchester is well paved and signposted, the walk will take the participant from one side of town to the other. This may not be suitable for those with motor or visual impairments. However, the walk is designed so that it can be completed from home as a virtual experience.

Created by Kirsty Jukes, Hub Rights Officer for Unlocking our Sound Heritage Project in association with North West Sound Heritage, North West Film Archive and the British Library.

All clips taken from North West Film & Cinema collection, held by the North West Film Archive (full recordings to be published in due course).

All images taken from apart from the following - Arena 7 image taken from Cinema Treasures website, uploaded by David Simpson -

Cover image - M62803 - Oxford Street, Manchester, looking South towards Portland Street, 1970.

North West Sound Heritage
North West Sound Heritage



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