Lovers’ Walk, Culter

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A walk along the north bank of the River Dee- traditionally known as Lovers’ Walk, returning by the Deeside Way to the Station Car Park. The length of this walk is 2km/1.4miles. The walk starts at the Car Park- you can go either way. The walk is mainly on the flat, with a small incline at the bend of the River Dee, another opposite Inchferry, and the entrance to the Deeside Way at Pittengullies. There are benches along the route for you to stop and take in the scenery. Please be aware that cyclists and horses may also be using the route.

You can Stream the walk - press "Stream Walk". This will use GPS to play each segment when you are in the specified area. In case of patchy connectivity, you can download the complete walk before you begin.

Choose "Lovers' Walk". Press "Start". When you see the map of the Walk, press the menu in the top right hand corner. This gives you the opportunity to turn off "Autoplay", and play each segment individually.

Explore your local area with Callum
Explore your local area with Callum



The Echoes

Stop 1 : The Church Gate

The entrance to St Peter's Churchyard and the Heritage Museum.

Stop 2: The Kennerty Stones

The Kennerty Stones remember the 2 men killed in a lightning storm while collecting stone for the bu…

Stop 3: Royal Connections

A panoramic view of the River Dee and our connections to the current Royal Family.

Stop 4: The Minister's Glebe

The Minister's Glebe.

Stop 5: St. Peter’s Well

A Chapel has existed on this site, to St Peter, from the 13th Century. Across the River is the Templ…

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