B Current WOYW 1 - Switching Queen(s): Back Alley Galaxies

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Welcome to Switching Queen(s): Back Alley Galaxies, the first audio tour of b current Performing Arts' Wheel of the Year Walks.

We recommend starting your journey in Node 1, in the South-West Corner of Masarayk-Cowan park.

Through soundscapes of words, everyday life, music, and poetry, you will meet fictionalized and real humans in a sharing of blended time and space, transmutation between so-called human and animal species, entities, and spirits. While you move through the lands on which the neighbourhood of Parkdale stands, the Switch Collective will interrogate the challenges -- stemming from colonialism, capitalism, gentrification -- the area and its inhabitants face, and the manifest resilience bursting forth from all of the cracks.


Part of Wheel of the Year Walks, an initiative created by b current Performing Arts.

Switching Queen(s): Back Alley Galaxies was created by The Switch Collective (Anna Malla, danjelani ellis, Jody Chan, Naty Tremblay, Sedina Fiati) with guest collaborator Leon Tsai

Anna Malla - Direction, design, editing

Kaija Siirala - Sound Design & Mixing


Andrea Thompson - interview

b solomon - poem “This Tree”

Brescia Nember-Reid - song “Someday you’re gonna die”

Kara Manso - graphic design

Kiley May - excerpt from “Ghost Walker”

Suzette Clarke - interview

Parkdale Women’s Leadership Group & Parkdale People’s Economy - Miru Yogarajah, Anthony Riley, Mercedes Sharpe, Nadia Rajaram, Ko Hosoya, Stephanie Francis, Ida Smith, Sha Ally, Beryl-Ann Mark, Bernadette Rilloraza, Lobsang Dolkar - interviews and collaborative creative dreaming about Parkdale futures

In partnership with

b current Performing Arts, with special thanks to Artistic Director Sadie Berlin

with the assistance of University of Waterloo Department of Knowledge Integration, with special thanks to Isabelle Lavallée-Gordon and Rob Gorbet

With support from

Canada Council for the Arts

Masaryk Cowan Community Centre

PARC - Parkdale Activity and Recreation Centre

Parkdale People’s Economy

Parkdale Women’s Leadership Group

RAW - Raging Asian Womxn Taiko Drummers

SKETCH Working Arts

Previous incarnations of Switching Queen(s) have been supported by:

Summerworks Festival

Canada Council for the Arts

Toronto Arts Council

Ontario Arts Council

Social Media handles: Instagram / Facebook

b current Performing Arts @bcurrentlive / b current

Switch Collective @switch.collective.performance / The Switch Project

Parkdale People’s Economy @parkdalepeopleseconomy / Parkdale People’s Economy

Anna Malla @apmals / Annapurna Malla

Brescia Nember-Reid @drawing.with.knives.shadows / Drawing With Knives Shadows

danjelani ellis @groundwork.redux / DanJelani Ellis

Jody Chan @jodyr.chan / Jody Chan

Kiley May @artstarkiley / Kiley May

Leon Tsai @blossom.leontsai / Leon Tsai

Naty Tremblay @civilcyborg / Naty Tremblay

Sedina Fiati @bwheelsheels / Sedina Fiati



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