The Unheard Sounds by My Le

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This walk is a mixed of the real and artificial sounds of your daily surroundings.

This walk should be experienced during the daylight on a normal business day. There are no specific starting or ending points but below is the recommended route for the best experience.

-From inside Butler, take the exit through Cultivate Cafe, or the one facing the library -Head towards Maag Library but do not enter the Library -Go along the walk between the Library and Ward Beecher building, down the hill towards Lincoln Avenue -Once hit Lincoln Avenue, turn left towards Wick Avenue -At the traffic light, cross the street and turn right -Turn into the parking lot between the Church and the public library and go through the lot -At the end of the parking lot, there's a little path to the left leading to a bigger parking lot, take that path but keep walking on the red bricks until you hit N Walnut Street -Once you see N Walnut Street sign, turn left and go towards Casesse's MVR -Once passed the Casesse's MVR, look on your right and you'll see a big white gate/ white pillars, called Harison Common, in front of a big field -Wander around the field and enjoy the music for a while :)

-After that, keep going in the same direction, towards the 3 flag poles and the Courtyard Apartment -When you come closer, about 10 yards from the 3 flag poles, look on your left and you'll see a staircase, take the staircase -On top of the staircase is Bliss Hall, enter the little back door of Bliss Hall and experience the sound of this building -Take the stairs or the elevator up to level 2 -Turn left and walk out of the building towards Wick Avenue -Cross the street and return to Butler Museum



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