Songs of Hope, Wild Woodberry, Inside Out Festival

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Songs of Hope audio sound walk, located at Wild Woodbury, Bere Regis. Inside Out festival 20 - 24th September 2023. A song cycle of hope located within a field recorded and sonically manipulated soundscape, including words, songs and music. Contemporary writers have responded to the poem “Hope" is the thing with Feathers by Emily Dickinson. Laura has set the words for voices, piano, instruments and pre-recorded sounds. These musical echoes are presented in an audio walk. Free to access by mobile phone and headphones in specific locations using GPS location software echoes (software to be downloaded in advance). The walk will take 40 - 50 minutes. It will be available to access via mobile devices for the duration of the festival. A repeated loop version is available near the wooden carvings at the entrance to the site. Featuring soprano Gweneth Ann Rand and piano by Allyson Devenish. Music by Laura Reid. Words: Ahed Al Hamwi, Katie Colombus, Oge Nwosu, Teresa Howard. Responses to the poem range from the personification of Hope by Ahed Al Hamwi, optimistic reflections recalling images of nature by Teresa Howard and Katie Colombus, to stark realities of sustaining hope in challenging circumstances by Oge Nwosu. Each one has a unique perspective. Age Rating: All ages, but mostly adults. Content Advisory: to see content advisories for Tête à Tête: The Opera Festival 2023 shows, click here. Laura is generously supported by PRS Foundation Composers’ fund.

Produced by Laura Reid



The Echoes

Sacred Threads

Sacred Threads, words by Teresa Howard, music by Laura Reid. Vocals Gweneth Ann Rand, piano Allyson …

Hope is the thing with feathers

Words by Emily Dickinson, music by Laura Reid. Vocals Gweneth Ann Rand, Piano Allyson Devenish. Ori…

You are The Hope

You are The Hope, words by Mrs Ahed Al Hamwi, music by Laura Reid. Vocals Gweneth Ann Rand, Piano Al…

In the forest next the trees

Words by Katie Colombus, Music by Laura Reid. Soprano Gweneth Ann Rand, Piano Allyson Devenish. Kati…


Words by Oge Nwosu, Music by Laura Reid, Vocals spoken and sung by Gweneth Ann Rand. Additional voca…

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