Imaginary Flocks of Lurie Garden

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Imaginary flocks of midwestern birds gather in Lurie Garden. These imaginary flocks are formed from recordings of individual bird calls and custom performance software by Each Echo presents an audio capture of a different location in the 3D performance space spread virtually over Lurie Garden. These are captured in Ambisonic format for spatial listening here in The illustrations are from paintings by Teresa Parod

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Bill Parod
Bill Parod
After many years as a software developer, working on cultural heritage projects, I have in recent years returned to my first and persistent love of music. As a composer I often think of the natural spontaneity and balance of forest ambiance, with the large and small dramas and expressive beauty of the living things there. In recent work on bird groups, I have tried to mimic the interactions of different species by observing their social behavior. This involves grouping species, their evident behavioral states, the recorded vocalization evident in those states, and their behavior as they transition through these states, often in response to other animals. This seems like a natural approach for mimicking bird behavior and the wonderfully musical experience of their dramas.



The Echoes

Cardinals, Robins, and Redwings

Cardinals, robins, and redwings are prominent with woodpeckers in the background.

Cardinals, Crows, and Redwings

Cardinals, crows, and redwings are prominent with occasional woodpeckers in the distance.


Cardinals are very active here, with occasional redwings nearby.

Redwings, Robins, and Woodpeckers

Redwings are prominent with robins, then woodpeckers joining, and cardinals in the distance.

Robins, Woodpeckers, and Crows

Robins with woodpeckers and crows nearby, are away from other birds near the east edge of Lurie Gard…

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