Echoes: On the river #mycooksriver scavenger hunt

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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

The #mycooksriver hunt begins the first phase of a generative open-ended project and the making of physical and virtual mementos and memories. Use the echoes as location guides for hunting your treasures. The Echoes tell sonic stories, sometimes through voices, sometimes through sounds asking you to open your ears and reflect on their messages. // This project is proudly brought to you by the Cooks River Changemakers. Many thanks to the Cooks River Alliance for facilitation and support.

Selina Springett
Selina Springett
I am a Sydney-based multimedia artist and researcher with a deep interest in sound, the environment and the echoes of pst present and future that saturate place. My broader art practice involves community and public art projects with a focus on environmental and social themes often incorporating experimental, polyphonic audio. I am currently working on a deep mapping project on an urban river system in Sydney, Australia.



The Echoes

The swamp

At the intersection of Juhan Munna, Bulanaming and Gumbramorra Swamp. In 1906 the State Government d…

Tiptoe aroud the river's wrist

Is the river the never the small river twice or does it flow back and forth through time connecting …

I'm here now

The Cooks river was once twice as long as it is now, some 20 000 years ago. Home to the Wangal, Cadi…

Quite a toxic river

Our gaze of the river has an important role in our relationship to it and to how we set about lookin…

Critical Mass

Throughout the nineteenth century, the Cooks River was popular with swimmers; Sydney Long's painting…

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