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Glendale Central Park, 201 E Colorado St, Glendale, California 91205, United States

Part walking poetry experience, part meditative memorial, and part experimental sound art installation, Reflections is a response to this moment, designed to give voice to a diversity of people living through the current crisis and to make space in the public square for reflection on our shared experience of living through a pandemic.

Dozens of participants from across LA County and other quarantined regions of the world were interviewed as part of this project. Participants were asked:

What have you learned about yourself from living through this time?

Has this experience changed you?

What is one memory from this time that you think will stick with you forever?

What do you hope the world learns from this experience?

The 7 compositions included in this installation are comprised of clips from these interviews arranged thematically and collaged with the sounds of places, events, and materials that participants invoked during their reflections. The themes, which emerged organically in response to open-ended questions, include:

scarcity and abundance;

gratitude and inequity;

inwardness and action;

vulnerability, humility, and connection; and

grief, resilience, and radical joy

Total runtime: 70 minutes, with 7 unique tracks, each running approximately 10 minutes.

This installation is generously sponsored by the Glendale Arts and Culture Commission, through funding from the Urban Art Program, and support from Glendale Library, Arts & Culture and Glendale Community Services and Parks.


Ashton PhillipsAshton Phillips

Ashton S. Phillips is an interdisciplinary sculptor and sound artist based in the Los Angeles area. He brings a wide range of lived experiences to his multi-disciplinary practice, including a deep history in experimental music, time teaching adolescents and young adults how to use art-making to process and recover from trauma, an sculpture practice focused on urban space and dirt as a sculptural medium, and several years of experience interviewing witnesses and gathering testimony as a practicing attorney. For more on Ashton and his practice, visit: For more on Reflections, visit:



The Echoes


Privilege, Precarity, and Possibilites

Insight and Action

Nature, Vulnerability, and Connection

Reflection and Slowing Down

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