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Embark on an auditory journey with this captivating and unique exploration of the soundscapes at Georges River and Casula Powerhouse Park. This work weaves together carefully curated recordings that capture the symphony of nature and urban life, offering a vivid representation of these iconic locations known to Liverpool. Through the meticulous layering of these sounds, listeners will be transported underneath the M5 motorway bridge as well as the grassy riverbank, and the cultural hub of the park. This experience centres around the rich soundscapes that define Georges River’s natural beauty and Casula Powerhouse Park’s cultural vibrancy.

The Bridge over Georges River becomes a central character, with the low hum and thumps of tires on the metal, resonating through its structure entirely. The vehicles above create a rhythmic pulse that echoes beneath, providing an aural representation of the busy city life here in Liverpool. Standing under the bridge, the deep rumbles of trains passing and the whooshing of cars above mix with the sound of cars driving under the bridge on the recorded location. The bridge creates a cavernous effect, adding depth and resonance to the composition. While moving from the bridge to find and collect a more natural soundscapes of sounds, the best sounding option I had discovered was the tall grass. The tall grass gives off soft rustles with the footsteps, with a bit of crunching sounds when stepping on the long grass. Walking through the tall grass near the riverbank paints an image of tranquillity and exploration, almost like an adventurous theme of this echoes walk. This natural symphony contrasts sharply with the urban sound, offering a brief escape into nature. Moving towards the parking spaces and small road, leading straight to the Powerhouse Museum, I walked near the park and found a location to collect a sound most heard around the area I live in. Music drifting from a parked car offers an intimate glimpse into the lives of visitors at the Casula Powerhouse Park. With the car doors open, the music fills the surroundings, blending with the ambient noises around it, such as birds chirping, trains, and cars driving by. With the doors closed of that same car, the music becomes muffled and isolated, leaving loud bass and thumping noises playing from the car within, emphasising the car's interior as a personal sanctuary. Georges River is known for its very polluted waters, however, it still carries such beauty and presence. As I threw sticks into the river from the riverbank, gentle splashes of sticks hitting the water injected a playful and nostalgic element into the soundscape. Each splash is a reminder of the simple joys of nature.

This work strives to achieve several creative aims. It juxtaposes the industrial and natural elements to offer a nuanced representation of the delicate balance between urban development and nature. Through the layering of contrasting audio elements, the composition tells the story of Georges River and Casula Powerhouse Park via a blend of natural melodies and the hum of urban life, providing immersive storytelling. Additionally, the sonic representation invites listeners to reflect on their surroundings, emphasising the importance of environmental conversation amid urban growth.

The sound files were selected and processed to create this cohesive and immersive auditory journey. The equipment used were high-fidelity stereo microphones, allowing for capturing high quality recordings and gathering authentic sounds of each location. While layering and mixing, I had used these rich soundscapes that blend bridge noises, train rumbles, and footsteps, along with other sounds to convey the coexistence of nature and the urban industry. EQs played a major role, highlighting the unique tonal characteristics of each sound, and spatial panning positioned them across the stereo field for a 360-degree auditory experience. The rhythmic pulse of vehicles driving over the bridge and steady beat of footsteps on concrete served as an auditory anchor for the composition.

This echoes walk offers listeners a chance to transcend the visual and immerse themselves in the layered and diverse soundscape of Georges River and Casula Powerhouse Park. Through the harmonious interplay of natural and industrial elements, this work paints a vivid and holistic picture of these locations. It portrays the intersection of nature, history and contemporary culture, inviting listeners to reflect on the delicate balance between urbanisation and environmental conversations.

Kerim Klepo
Kerim Klepo



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