Audio Walk #1 @ Andy

room 3 ECHOES

The collection of soundmaps at this location are designed to lead you through awareness exercises around a small looped path on Belle Isle. These exercises focus on listening, seeing, touching, moving, speaking, voicing, and reading. The time it takes to complete each loop depends on your pace, but is usually around 15-20 minutes. there are different ways to mix and match these exercises. And to make that process easier we use the metaphor of music and describe these walks in terms of notes, chords, scales, and modes. (more on that later) Like music we hope that with a little bit of intention, these walks will help you experience a deeper resonance between your senses, the world, and God. Peace to you.

Here's the musical vocabulary:

  • Each sense mode (like sight or hearing) is a note. That's the basic building block.
  • Each walk is a loop.
  • Loops are named after whatever note they are focusing on (Audio loop, Visio loop)
  • Each loop has different prompts that flow together like a yoga sequence.
  • Each loop will be available as a map in app
  • To keep your hands free while walking, you can listen to the prompts recording on your phone in your pocket or on headphones.
  • You can experience one loop a day, or if you're feeling saucy, you can walk the loop multiple times and choose a different note map for each pass (Audio, Visio, and Motus, etc.)
  • Once you've gotten comfortable with each of the single note loops, you can choose note maps that begin to mix the notes together so that one loop contains multiple sense awareness prompts (multiple notes).
  • We call engaging multiple notes at the same time harmony.
  • Loops that focus on two senses are called two-part harmony loops.
  • Loops that focus on three senses are called three-part harmony loops.
  • The name "modes" refers to the ability to reorder any of the sequences in a loop. For example, one day, a walk can begin with a vision note, add an audio note, and then end with a movement note. And the next day, you can use those same notes but begin your walk with the movement note and then gradually incorporate the other two. Each of these modes will produce a different flavor of experience.
  • Each note, scale, and mode will be available as a note map in the echoes app.



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