Assessment 01 Sound Walk

room 7 ECHOES

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Climate change is a household name which many people young and old are familiar with hearing. Climate change is described as “Climate change is a change in the statistical properties of the climate system that persists for several decades or longer—usually at least 30 years”. Through the use of visual aids we are constantly exposed to the harsh realities of this effect, yet it continues to fail in yielding the appropriate results for the earth to natural reproduce its resources for consumption. The challenge was set for me to use the medium of an aural walk to further develop an understanding of the impact plastic waste has had on climate change. The soundscape is centered around the Brisbane River and the effects plastic waste has had on the marine life. Furthermore, it is the intention to draw the listener into a conceptualised space using narration to assist in the understanding of the transformations across time in the Brisbane River. Each of the five locations are set in specific decades across history i.e. location one is the beginning which starts in the 1950’s and progresses through to the final location which is set as 2020.





The Echoes

Location 01

The narration of the overall theme gives a detailed description of what the walk will entail. Acros…

Location 02

The plastic bottle makes its way through the storm waterways and out into the River. It’s quite a lo…

Location 03

Gushing rain through the river – the result the 1970’s Brisbane floods. Flowing through the river th…

Location 04

The flow of the river is at its peaks all the while the plastic bottle dodges and weaves it’s friend…

New Echo 5

The Brisbane River is flowing, the population of bottles is growing. The sounds of the rain and the …

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