Botanic Cardio Work Out

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Solo Exercise!

Welcome everyone to Botanic Gardens for todays work out. This one is a gentle, cardio based training circuit around one of Belfast's busiest, and beautiful parks! With your heart rate getting higher and your legs moving, this audio walk features a few breaks along the way including a little soundbite of the Tropical Ravine in Botanic, and perhaps a stop at the ice cream van for a well deserved break! Whether your a fitness fanatic or a beginner, this work out has got you all covered, so get set...ready...GO...

Some Ground Rules before you start: 1) Have a good pair of running shoes on, you'll want to be comfy while exercising! 2) Have a bottle of water to stay hydrated 3) Don't skip the Warm Up 4) Stay clear of people when running 5) Have Fun!!!

How it works: Visible on your iphone, smartphone, or GPS equipped tablet and referred to here as 'device' are the following: A start/end square, and a number of circles showing the correct direction to go in. Your device audibly 'echoes' blobs, checks etc when in the vicinity. You can place your device anywhere you like while listening and follow the blob echoes! Or alternatively, you can check to see where the blob trail continues on the app manually.Echoes will announce a fair few paces prior and will repeat every time you linger, so it's okay to catch your breath!

Top Tip: ECHOES uses a lot of battery because it is a location app so make sure to fully charge your device before the trail, just incase!




The Echoes

Starting point

Click the circle to start the audio, and off you go from here!

Lets Begin !

Play this and get going on the cardio work out for today! Readt, set, RUN

Red Bandstand

Let's get our hearts racing and blood pumping! Pump it up!

Walled Garden to Palm House Jog

We start at the Walled Garden with this one and jog to The Palm House!

The Tropical Ravine

Step inside the Rainforest to do some cooling down and meditation!

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