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Welcome to The Archive of Favourite Places on the Echoes App! To see the walking tour, click “Stream Walk”. If you leave “Auto-Play” on, your device will automatically play audio of people talking about their favourite place as you get close to that location on the map. If you’d like to explore all 12 locations, turn off “Auto-Play” and click on the menu button in the top right hand corner.

We hope you have fun exploring the stories. Why not send us a story about your favourite place to add to the online archive? You can find out how to contribute, and read over 50 stories at

What’s the place that makes you happy? That brings you excitement, peace, a chance to reflect? A place you can be alone, be yourself or become someone else?

People from communities across Brighton were asked these questions and local studio Stephenson& has woven twelve tales into a city-wide immersive photography and sound exhibition, exploring the ways we live together.

The Archive of Favourite Places is a chance to explore the city through different eyes, and rediscover and rebuild what our hometown means to us.



The Echoes

A Cinema And The Monkey House

A good starting point if you’re beginning in Hove. Check out our mini exhibition in the cafe & see …

Quiet Charm

Take the No. 5 bus out of town, Nestor Court stop. Or walk from Preston Circus along Preston Road on…

Joyous Mismanagement

Opening times are dependant on screenings, the cinema + cafe will open 15mins before the start of th…


Located at the north east corner of Preston Park. Club cycling is booked Sat morning & Wed + Fri eve…

No Smoking, Sitting, Drinking

Situated in the heart of the North Laine area, check out the tins on the walls for a slice of local …

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