Mount Wilson Music Soundscape Walk

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Mount Wilson, New South Wales, Australia

This music soundscape walk was created by composer Tristan Coelho and harpist Emily Granger during their time as Artists in Residence at the Mount Wilson Old School. This walk is a collection of pieces that are directly inspired by specific sites in the area. You'll hear rich and lush musical depictions of the natural environment incorporating field recordings, harp, live and sampled piano from the community hall, loops, synthesisers and guitar effects pedals.

Starting from the Old School, you have two directions of travel: one towards Du Faurs Rocks Lookout and beyond to Pheasants Cave, the other back down The Avenue and left on Wyndham Ave towards Waterfall Track.

You can stream the walk directly or download it to your device before setting off. A pair of good headphones is highly recommended. Although it's recommended to do this sound walk on foot, you can still explore the various pieces of music from the comfort of your own home by either: – heading to – or clicking at the top right of the ECHOES app after the sound walk has loaded, turning 'Autoplay' off and then selecting a track.

Enjoy exploring the areas and the sounds that emerge. Please feel free to get in touch with us by email at

Check out more of our work at: |

All music for this project was recorded and produced in The Old School, Mount Wilson.

Tristan Coelho
Tristan Coelho



The Echoes

The Old School

The Old School » Du Faurs Rocks Lookout

Du Faurs Rocks Lookout

Du Faurs Rocks Lookout » Pheasants Cave

Pheasants Cave

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