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An audio guide to some of the intriguing graves to be found in the parish churchyard of St. Andrew & St. Cuthman, Steyning.

All of the audio is available from or near the edge of a path, or over good ground. If you do have a closer look at a grave please be very careful and wary of hidden stones and hollows.

When you walk into a blue area the audio is triggered. It will play through until the end so if you walk into another blue area that audio will also play! If you end up with two or more tracks playing then you should 'stop' the walk, move outside a blue area and 'start' again.

By tapping on one of the small circles and then 'more', you can see an image of the gravestone.

There is an option, within the walk, top right, to turn off 'Autoplay', then you can control the playback of the audio tracks yourself. With Autoplay 'off' you can play any of the tracks without having to be within the blue area. From this screen you can also see all of the audio tracks listed.

If you enjoy this audio guide, why not visit Steyning Museum and listen to our guide there?

Scripts by Lois Roemer Technical realisation by Nick Quinn

All material, copyright Steyning Museum Trust, 2022



The Echoes


The graves of Dr Taylor and Harriet Cox are accessible from the grassy path that runs alongside the …

Dr Henry Herbert Taylor JP (1858 – 1942)

Information from an article by Jacquie Butriss Read by David Lott

Harriet Cox

Harriet Cox relates the story of her grand-daughter Fanny Cornforth Information from Steyning Museum…


The grave of Edith Heald (at the base of a tree)

Edith Shackleton Heald (1885 – 1976)

Information from Steyning Museum archives and the internet Read by Lesley Slater

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