Trails of the '90's underground culture

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A storytelling journey in the trails of the '90's underground culture of Prishtina by Florent Mehmeti.

Starting point: Bill Clinton Statue, Dardania, Prishtina

This audio journey has been created from memoires of the real life of the artist, Florent Mehmeti, during the nineties of the previous century, weaving an artistic experience that traverses the life of young people of Prishtina during this period, especially the life of young artists. It is based on real events, but empowered with artistic means of the artist himself. The journey that starts from Bill Clinton Statue and ends at Dodona theatre, the cultural resistance nest of the time, goes through streets and alleys that reveal moments and situations that rarely happen in history.

Supported by: Ministry of Culture - Cultural Heritage Department

Concept and narrator: Florent Mehmeti

Other voices: Luan Jaha, Lirak Çelaj, Shpëtim Selmani

Audio editing and mix: Pëllumb Ballata, SunnySound

Music used: Chris Rea - "The Road to Hell - Part One"; Rod Stewart - "I am sailing"; R.E.M. - "Losing My Religion"; Luciano Pavarotti - 'O Sole Mio'; Joaquin Rordrigo & John Williams - 'Concierto de Aranjuez'; Antonio Forcione Quintet - 'Tarantella'; Armend Xhaferi Trio - ' Luli's'; Armend Xhaferi Trio - ' Mzati i Vogel'.



The Echoes

01. The Window

Intro. Please stand inside the highlighted area until the end of the narration. After the end of th…

02. Llamella D

Please walk slowly within the highlighted area! Please be aware of the traffic ahead when crossing …

03. My first Sentish dance in the pub

Please walk slowly along the highlighted area! Wait until sound ends!

04. Papillon

Please continue walking until you reach the end of the highlighted are! At the end of this part befo…

05. The Road to "Hani i 2 Roberteve"

Be careful of the surroundings!

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