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A night out on Oxford Street

PART 1: Enter Oxford Street on a Saturday Night. Tonight ill be taking you through Oxford Street, as we walk past some of Sydney's best clubs that showcase great music and put on some of Australia’s best events. Built by convicts in 1803, it was once used as a passageway for easier navigation and access to a signal station located in South Head (City of Sydney, n.d.). Nowadays, Oxford Street is home to Sydney’s most extensive nightlife. You notice the crickets cry dying blissfully and the air coiling chronically as you leave the serene Hyde Park. Notice how the sound begins to erode and distort to the on-coming sounds of traffic. The mumbles of chatter can be heard in the distance, but it’s not loud enough to subordinate the sounds of your own footsteps. A line hordes at the Burdekin Hotel, white button-ups and inaudible chatter; just locals trying to get into the pub. No music can be heard yet, only the crippling sound of asphalt that quakes the ground around you and the sound of laughs. The night has just begun.

PART 2: The Oxford Art Factory, one of Sydney’s best nightclubs located in the heart of Oxford Street, attracts the liking of all people to share their love and connection towards all areas of music. Recently becoming quite popular among younger audiences, it is known for consecutively hosting the event ‘SASH’ every Sunday, as well as hosting other major events with both national and internationally renowned headliners. The venue was inspired by New Yorks Andy Warhol Factory during the 1960s (Oxford Art Factory, 2023). Its large capacity makes this venue an attraction for those who seek new musical and nightlife experiences. What you are listening to right now are the events taking place both inside and outside the venue. Remember, you are still outside and just a humble observer. The chatter constantly grows louder as the queue attracts more people; the shuffling of the feet rakes the path as they move inside one by one. These people came here to dance; they came here for House music. The music feels distant, however, the low-end bass groove makes your heart warm and pulsate as the vibration penetrates through your skin.

Using a simple low-end filter, I cut off a large portion of all high and mid frequencies making them completely subordinate and isolating the bass, allowing for the track to sound more distant yet present within the location.

PART 3: As we continue to walk further and deeper into oxford street, we stumble upon an interchange. We hear music quite distant, however, we follow the rumble into Flinders Street. The music is different; louder, faster and deeper. You can hear the kicks reverb sing in an echo-like harmony that ricochets the walls of the apartment. Like before, masses wait to enter inside the rumbling cage of the Flinders Hotel, all dressed in black, a strong community of techno lovers, uniting in matrimony to enjoy the euphoric emotions that techno delivers. The Flinders Hotel, opened in 1918 used to serve as a local pub/ restaurant (The Flinders Hotel, 2020). Now it is the epicentre of techno nightlife in the city. The small confined space allows for fuller crowds, closer community and amazing sound quality. The venue is primarily known for hosting hard techno event ‘Black Noir’ every Friday, and constantly brings hundreds of people through the doors as well as multiple famous and internationally known techno headliners.

As the walk comes to an end, take a moment of reflection to recall the presence of people, the social interactions and the emotions that are attracted by music. Additionally, think past those aspects and focus on what is really happening outside; the traffic, the cars, the birds, and the footsteps. This program was intended as a way to both educate and experience what Sydney’s nightlife is like and the diversity of music and the presence of social interactions within our society. I hope you have enjoyed your walk.


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