Tate Modern: Echoes along the Thames

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My idea is to make available some very successful exhibitions at the Tate Modern along the Thames.

This sound walk uses rare recordings of poets and artists, sounds and much more on one of the most intriguing promenade in London.

My first walk along the Thames begins at the Tate Modern and is dedicated to Bruce Nauman and his sound installation Raw Materials (2005).

Nauman brought together 22 recordings of texts taken from earlier works that span almost 40 years of his career. Walking through the Thames you can now listen again to the disembodied voices that speak to you, or maybe just to themselves, in a variety of styles. Throughout, the tone of voice, the inflection, and variations in rhythms dramatically shift meanings, from diplomatic to psychotic, pleading to bullying, anxiety to mockery.

(Sounds and source UbuWeb. This is a common creatives project)



The Echoes

Thank You!

Than!k you! We start this sound walk with a Thank you! Enjoy!

Work Work Work

Language has always played a central role in Bruce Nauman's work, providing him with a means of exam…

The True Artist

BRUCE NAUMAN I don't remember exactly. I was asked by Tate whether I would be interested in making a…

You May Not Want

ROBERT STORR So the whole project is organised as a sequence of zones? BRUCE NAUMAN Yes. The speake…

No No No No No

Bruce Nauman is one of the most important artists of our time. Early in his career, he abandoned pai…

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