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Open the Night is a sound walk in public space using geospatial audio technology via the mobile app Echoes. This technology enables sounds to become activated when a device using GPS (a mobile phone held by you, the visitor) enters a specific zone.

For hearing people, this means you will need a smartphone or iPhone, as well as headphones, to participate in this artwork. You must be physically present at this location to access the walk.

Simply put on your headphones and explore the area outside the train station to discover what moths have to say about light.

Also available in German and in German Sign Language (DGS).

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Jeremy Knowles
Jeremy Knowles
Jeremy Knowles (he/him) is a British artist addressing issues such as urbanism, surveillance technology, public space, and environmental change within his projects, which range in expression from photography, sound, and video art to workshops, installation, and public intervention.



The Echoes

The Existential Moth

Before you there was nothing. I mean… not nothing. I remember flying. Soaring across the sky. And …

The Prophet

Listen up, you mesmerised masses! You are trapped, ensnared by the glow of false hope. I am your sav…

The Lovers

Oh hi… Sorry, I didn’t mean to bother you! Lovely night… This is beautiful, isn’t it? … The flowe…

The Addict

Search the night, they say. Pollinate and multiply. Find a flower. Drink the nectar. Find a mate. Re…

The Observer

Ah, there you are. And so it begins. I had hoped tonight would be different. Today had felt di…

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