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From January to July 2021, Tricky Hat worked with people living in Partick East and Kelvindale to gather their tales and memories of the area and transform this into an audio journey. Round Our Place is an exploration of places filled with voices, visions, dreams and memories. We invite you to plug in your headphones and lose yourself in these sounds and stories as you follow the route. Pick up a free map from The Alchemy Experiment,157 Byres Road. Location 1 on the route and enjoy the walk. This was created as part of the Creative Communities: Artists in Residence is a citywide project for Glasgow, employing an artist in residence for every community. Find out more about Tricky Hat

Tricky Hat
Tricky Hat
Tricky Hat is a Glasgow-based multi-media participatory arts company. Tricky Hat devises performances with and about people who live on the margins of society, and works with them to find a creative and credible voice to make high-quality, collaborative, cross-arts events with established artists. We work nationally and internationally.



The Echoes

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