The Black Student Experience at Northwestern University Audio Tour

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Thank you for joining us on the Black Student Experience at Northwestern University tour! Over the next hour, you will hear stories about the fight for racial equity led by Black students at Northwestern. These are more than stories, you will hear about lived experiences of Black students based on archival documentation. For some, these stories will be difficult to hear and might not mirror your views of the institution. If that is the case, we invite you to engage with an open mind and with empathy. Use this opportunity to listen and learn. For others, this tour is about truth-telling. It speaks to a broader history of injustice and a fight for equity and inclusion. While it is not all-encompassing, we hope that this tour affirms those experiences and offers some historical context for the structures that exist today that foster equity and inclusion. As you travel between each stop, please use that time as an opportunity to reflect on what you hear, you can use the discussion questions as a guide.

If you have additional stories and experiences that you would like to share, please contact the McCormick Library of Special Collections and University Archives,



The Echoes

Stop 1: Introduction to the Tour

Address: 619 Clark Street, Office of Financial Operations Photo: Crowd outside of the Bursar's Offic…

Stop 2:1968 Bursar's Office Takeover, An Introduction

Address: 619 Clark Street, Office of Financial Operations Discussion Questions: Have you ever stood…

Stop 3: Black Students and Evanston

Address: 1878 Sheridan Road, The Weber Arch, East side of Sheridan Road at Chicago Avenue Discussio…

Stop 4: The Department of African American Student Affairs

Address: 1880 Campus Drive, Kresge Hall Discussion Questions: Why might that particular demand have…

Stop 5: The Black House

Address: 1914 Sheridan Road Discussion Questions: Black students needed “a place to call their own.…

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