Lee Green Open Studios: The Metalization of a Dream by Duncan MacLeod

room 21 ECHOES

The Metalization of a Dream

by Duncan MacLeod (2019-2022) feat. Galvanize Ensemble.

The Metalization of a Dream is an open form soundwalk responding to the dada and surrealist-inspired collages of Eduardo Paolozzi (1924-2005). A pioneer of pop art, Paolozzi’s practice drew inspiration from artists that utilise similar collage and cut-up techniques such as Charles Ives and William S. Burroughs. As such, these relationships are explored within this work through John Cage’s concept of the coexistence of dissimilars, where the notion of harmoniously blended elements is eschewed in favour of collage-like juxtapositions ‘that fuse in the ear of the listener’. Like Paolozzi’s collages, this work incorporates ‘found objects’ in this case John Taverner’s In Nomine and the writings of Gertrude Stein that are reimagined, juxtaposed and intertwined with composed and indeterminate materials alongside soundscape recordings to form an equivocal sound world.

Commissioned by Galvanize Ensemble with funding from the Arts Council of England, PRS Foundation, RVW Trust, and support from Britten Pears Arts (Creative Retreats).


Duncan MacLeod is a composer whose practice utilises both acoustic and electronic forces. His outputs encompasses concert music, sound installations, music for stage, interdisciplinary collaborations, and participatory arts. His work has been commissioned, commercially recorded, and broadcast internationally by various ensembles and soloists. Duncan is Reader of music composition at the University of Nottingham and is co-artistic director of Nottingham Forum for Artistic Research (NottFAR).

Website: www.duncanmacleod.org
Twitter: @Leod_Music

Galvanize Ensemble is an ensemble of musicians who work with composers, artists, film and text to create installations, cross disciplinary performances & exhibitions. https://www.galvanizeensemble.co.uk

Joel Bell (guitar), Sarah Dacey (voice), Kate Halsall (keyboards), Stephen Hiscock (percussion), and Phil Maguire (electronics).

Unless credited otherwise all works composed by Duncan MacLeod ©2022. Unauthorised copying, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting of this recording strictlty prohibited.



The Echoes

The Metalization of a Dream

Staplehurst Road: In Nomine (John Taverner)

Leahurst Road (west): Maquette iv

Leahurst Road (east): Maquette xiii

Southbrook & Micheldever Roads: Conjectures to Identity

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